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Selected Your Modules

Arrow Sale of application forms
Arrow Flair
Arrow Online
Arrow Eligibility Verification
Arrow Selection criteria
Arrow Publishing of selection list
Arrow Admission based on the management norms
Arrow Admission Letters
Arrow Candidate list preparation
Arrow Registration Process
Arrow Creation of Fee templates
Arrow Assigning of optional fees like Hostel, Canteen, etc.
Arrow Maintenance of general fees
Arrow Fee Management
Arrow Course & Program Transfers
Arrow Curriculum Fees
Arrow Fee templates
Fees Payment & Counter

Arrow Creation of Counters
Arrow Authorization of users for fee collection
Arrow Counter Operation
Arrow Fees Collection
Arrow Sale of Application
Arrow Fine Collection
Arrow Refund of Fees
Arrow Fee Arrear Calculation
Arrow Generation of daily reports
Arrow Option for Online Payment Gateway

Arrow General Ledger
Arrow Vouchers
Arrow Account Books
Arrow Ledger & Voucher Authorization
Arrow Payments & Receipts
Arrow Fees Collection Approval
Arrow Refund Authorization
Arrow Funds authorization for Payroll
Arrow Maintenance
Arrow Cash Book
Arrow Bank Book
Arrow Day Book
Arrow Reconciliation Statements
Arrow Generation of
Arrow Trial Balance
Arrow Profit & Loss Statement
Arrow Balance Sheet
HR & Payroll

Arrow Staff Details Maintenance
Arrow Allowances & Deductions
Arrow Basic Pay Calculation
Arrow Salary Computation
Arrow Permanent
Arrow Temporary
Arrow Contract Labor
Arrow Daily Wages
Arrow Guest Faculty
Arrow Hourly Salary for Staff by Invitation
Arrow Pay Slip Generation
Arrow Salary Increments
Arrow Arrear calculation
Arrow Loan Management
Arrow Termination Entry
Arrow Relieving Notice
Arrow Promotion Management
Arrow Accrual Processing
Arrow Over time Calculation
Arrow Tax Management
Arrow Income Tax
Arrow Professional Tax
Arrow Other taxes as per government norms
Arrow Forms generations for Government
Student & Staff Profile

Arrow Maintenance of Student Details
Arrow General Information
Arrow Status
Arrow Extra Curricular Activities
Arrow Parents, Guardian & Sponsors Details
Arrow Achievements
Arrow Maintenance of Staff Details
Arrow General Information
Arrow Status
Arrow Experience Details
Arrow Parents, Guardian & Sponsors Details
Arrow Achievements
Arrow Qualifications
Arrow Membership Details
Staff Attendance

Arrow Leave Management
Arrow Holiday Management
Arrow Attendance Management
Arrow Manual
Arrow Smart Card
Arrow Bio Metrics
Arrow On-Duty Entry
Arrow Compensation Attendance
Arrow Attendance Monitoring
Arrow Permanent
Arrow Probationary
Arrow Temporary
Arrow Contract Labor
Arrow Guest Faculty
Arrow Attendance Consolidation for payroll
Student Attendance

Arrow Academic calendar
Arrow Student Attendance
Arrow On-Duty Management
Arrow Leave Entry
Arrow No-Entry Details
Arrow Disciplinary Actions
Arrow Condonation of Attendance
Arrow Compensation Attendance
Arrow Attendance Certificate Generation
Registrar Office

Arrow Curriculum Management as per CBCS (Choice Based Credit System)
Arrow Circulars & Notices
Arrow Creation of Courses
Arrow Approval Of Courses
Arrow Creation of Curriculum
Arrow Creation of Departments
Arrow Panel Selection
Arrow Panel Approval
Arrow Course Approval
Arrow Assigning of Staff Members
Arrow Approval of Courses opted by students
Arrow Review of Curriculum

Arrow Assigning of class hours for courses
Arrow Creation of Class Schedule
Arrow Automated
Arrow Manual
Arrow Generation of Schedules for
Arrow Classes
Arrow Staff
Arrow Laboratory
Arrow Library
Arrow Departments
Arrow Linking of attendance module with Scheduler
Examination & Marks

Arrow Maintenance of Student Profile
Arrow Maintenance of Staff Profile
Arrow Curriculum Development Cell
Arrow Class Roll Preparation
Arrow Syllabus Preparation
Arrow Maintenance of Examiners
Arrow Subjects and Course Preparation
Arrow Examination Registration
Arrow Generation & Procedure for Registration Numbers
Arrow Registration & Generation of Entrance Card
Arrow Course Registration Process
Arrow Maintenance of Examination Center
Arrow Galley Preparation
Arrow Schedule Preparation for Exams
Arrow Order for Question Paper Setting, Syllabus Preparation
Arrow Generation of
Arrow Fly Slip
Arrow Hall Ticket Generation & Printing
Arrow Foil Card
Arrow Invigilation Orders
Arrow Exam Attendance Sheet
Arrow Hall Plan & Seat Allocation
Arrow Internal Mark Entry through web (if required)
Arrow External Mark Entry with First, Second & Third Valuation
Arrow Result Publishing & Moderation, Generation
Arrow Publishing Results on the Web
Arrow Mark Statement Generation, Grade Preparation with Optional Mark Generation
Arrow Generation of Course Completion, Transcript, Provisional and Degree Certificates
Arrow Moderation or Gracing Techniques
Arrow Revaluation Process
Arrow Supplementary Candidates List Preparation
Arrow Malpractice Operations

Arrow Maintenance of Central & Departmental Inventory
Arrow Material Requisitions
Arrow Supplier Management
Arrow Budgets
Arrow Service Management
Arrow Opening Stock Entry
Arrow Purchase Management
Arrow Request for Quotation
Arrow Comparison Statements
Arrow Department Transfers
Arrow Usage Monitoring
Arrow Scrap Entry
Arrow Laboratory Transfers
Arrow Payment Approvals

Arrow Library with OPAC
Arrow Book Management
Arrow Journal Management
Arrow Digital Content Management
Arrow Reservation of Books thru Intranet / Internet
Arrow Purchase Management
Arrow Generation of
Arrow Access Number for Books
Arrow Library Codes for Staff & Students (if required)
Arrow Authorizing tickets for viewing digital contents
Arrow Assigning of Book Limit
Arrow Book Transfers
Arrow Transfer Approvals
Arrow Transaction Management for
Arrow Books
Arrow Journals
Arrow Non-Books
Arrow Stock Verification
Arrow Usage Monitoring
Arrow MIS
Arrow Department Library
Arrow Integration to Barcode, RF Identification & Smart Cards

Arrow Lab Management
Arrow Lab Scheduling
Arrow Usage Monitoring
Arrow Breakage & Due Management
Arrow Fine Management
Arrow Due Certification
Arrow Scrap Entry
Arrow Service Entry

Arrow Vehicle Information
Arrow Route Information
Arrow Passenger Information
Arrow Vehicle Maintenance
Arrow Supplier Management
Arrow Payment Authorization
Arrow Mileage Report
Arrow Service Authorization

Arrow Maintenance of Multiple Hostels
Arrow Category Creation for Rooms
Arrow Hostel Admission
Arrow Fees Management
Arrow Fees Collection
Arrow Facility Management
Arrow Hostel Attendance
Arrow Disciplinary Actions
Arrow Breakage & Fine Management
Arrow Guests Handling

Arrow Multiple Canteens for the Students
Arrow Inventory Management
Arrow Usage Details
Arrow Miscellaneous Purchase
Arrow Generation of Bills
Arrow Authorization & Updating of General Ledgers
Fine Management

Arrow Definition of Fine for various defaults
Arrow Links to
Arrow Library
Arrow Late Payment of Fees
Arrow Laboratory
Arrow Inventory
Arrow Hostel
Arrow Canteen
Arrow Estate Section
Arrow Fine waiver System by approvals
Arrow Fine Monitoring & Track Record
Staff & Student Assessment

Arrow Student Assessment
Arrow Academic Performance
Arrow Time Management
Arrow Extra Curricular Activities
Arrow Achievements
Arrow Discipline
Arrow Staff Assessment
Arrow Student Performance
Arrow Time Management
Arrow Achievements
Arrow Leave Management
Arrow Seminars & Paper Presentation
Arrow Promptness in Assignments

Arrow Sponsor Management
Arrow Overseas Sponsors
Arrow Government Sponsors
Arrow In-house Sponsors
Arrow Own Country Sponsors
Arrow Sponsor Category
Arrow Sponsor Fund Management
Arrow Selection of Candidate for Sponsorship
Arrow Sponsor Rating
Arrow Students & Sponsor Analysis
Student & Faculty Portal

Arrow Student Login with Username & Password
Can View
Arrow Profile
Arrow Circulars & Notices
Arrow Fees Report
Arrow Fine Details
Arrow Attendance
Arrow Marks
Arrow Exam Schedule
Arrow Class Schedules
Arrow Library Books
Arrow Staff Status
Arrow Achievements
Arrow Assessment
Arrow Projects
Can Raise Requests
Arrow On Duty/Permission
Arrow Activity
Arrow Suggestion
Arrow Certificates
Arrow Grievances
Arrow Staff Login with Username & Password  
Can View
Arrow Profile
Arrow Attendance
Arrow Salary Details
Arrow Class Schedules
Arrow Library Books
Arrow Circulars & Notices
Arrow Leave Details
Arrow Achievements
Arrow Placement Post
Arrow Staff Status
Can Raise Requests
Arrow Leave/OD/Permission
Arrow Compensation
Arrow Material / Purchase Request
Arrow Budget Proposal
Arrow Activity
Arrow Suggestion
Arrow Assessment
Arrow Parent/Guardian/Sponsor look Up with Search facility  
Arrow Profile
Arrow Circulars for Student
Arrow Attendance
Arrow Marks
Arrow Exam Schedule
Arrow Fees
Arrow Achievements
Arrow Mail to Concerned Staff Member handling the Student
Arrow Feedback
Request Management System

The staff of the institution can raise requests for Leave, On-Duty, Permission, Materials, Activity, Compensation, budget proposals and can send digitized suggestions across the institution. The requests are processed either hierarchically or on a collated method as set by the institution. The workflow and approval format of the institution can be maintained and monitored. Similar to Staff, Students can submit requests for their ON-Duty, permissions, certificates, activity etc. Students and Staff can give their grievances to the Institution or to the individuals through the system.

Stores or Canteen

Arrow Canteen Creation
Arrow Purchase Management
Arrow Sales Management
Arrow Link with Staff Payroll for Deduction
Arrow Link with Student Fees Payment
Arrow Smart Card based sales management (Optional)
Arrow Inventory
Arrow Labor Handling
Placement Cell

Arrow Company Profile
Arrow Placement Coordinator
Arrow Interview Management
Arrow Selection of Candidates
Arrow Job Management
Arrow Company Track Record
Arrow Appointment / Selection Process

Arrow Registration
Arrow Member Management
Arrow Office Bearers
Arrow Nomination
Arrow Approval
Arrow Activities Tracking
Arrow Expense Management
Arrow Details updating thru Web / Manual
Arrow Maintenance of Track Record
Guest House / Hotel Management

Arrow Guest House / Hotel Facility
Arrow Reservation & Bookings
Arrow Visiting faculty Accommodation
Arrow Restaurants / Canteen
Arrow Laundry
Arrow House Keeping
Arrow Link to Student Fees / Staff Payroll / Management for Billing
Dispensary Management

Arrow Health fees payment
Arrow Registration Certificate for Treatment
Arrow In-Patient / Out patient details
Arrow Treatment for Staff / Student
Arrow Drug Maintenance
Arrow Pharmacy
Arrow Charges for Dependents
Arrow Payment Options
Arrow Inventory

This is a common module to provide access / privileges at menu level to various levels of users in all the modules. The general functionality shall be as under:
Arrow Definition of users
Arrow Definition of user groups
Arrow Definition of user-levels
Arrow Assignment of default privileges to each user-level
Arrow Access only to authorized/ defined users by giving passwords
Arrow Restriction on Module-level access by the users
Arrow Monitoring of logged-in users and access time
Arrow Granting / denying access of different menu items in each module to the users.
Arrow Managing Intrusions
Arrow Blocking of Modules for Operations
Arrow Adding & Authorization of Modules for operations
Arrow User verification by Smart card / Biometrics / RF Card (Optional)

Futuristic Modules of Flair - Educational Resource Management System

The futuristic modules are built being built upon the Flair – ERMS, to serve the institution with high end technologies for sophisticated operation. The futuristic modules are developed for ease of operation and to bridge the gaps between the institutions with rapid developing technologies. A futuristic module of Flair – ERMS, showcases the scalability of the system to greater heights post installation of the basic modules in an institution. Given below are the futuristic modules that are developed and being developed on Flair - ERMS.

Flair - Alert - SMS Technology - Information through Mobile Phone to Parents., Students Staff Members etc.

Flair - Pace - Wi - Fi Application.- Wireless Enabled System for Accessing the Software on the move using Personal Digital Assistants / Handheld. Users can retrieve and store data using the PDA on Wireless Network.

Flair - Talk - Interactive Voice Response System - 24/7 Reporting.

Flair - Smart - Smart Card Based System for accessing the Flair – ERMS

V - ERMS - Virtual reception to assist visitors.

Flair - Post - Automated Mailing system for Reporting.

Flair - Track - Movement Tracking, Access Control, etc using RFID Technology.

Flair Apps - IOS, Android & Blackberry Applications for University’s Reports & Requests

Flair on - Online examination module for conducting digitized examinations

CEO Desk - Monitoring System for Higher Officials of the institution.