Flair - ERMS

Flair – ERMS, a three tier web based application integrated with web server, can perform activities that will keep the operations paperless with its rich technicalities and features. It is a hybrid of client server, internet and intranet technologies. Flair – ERMS, designed and developed to handle the regular and complex operations of any educational institutions from Schools to Universities. It has got essential modules that can manage the operations of an Educational Institution. The modules in the system can be customized and standardized according to the need of the Client. It is capable to design, develop and integration of new modules as required by the user. It has a unique technique of plugging in and plugging out modules as necessitated.

Flair – ERMS is a tool to synchronize the processes of Academics, Administration and Management to a transparent, efficient management of activities across the institution. Flair – ERMS, workflow system wraps up all the activities of student life cycle in the university, maneuver’s the processes efficiently in line with institution management and as required. Web technologies, integrated in Flair – ERMS give an opportunity for Students, Staff Members and Parents to track their data and performance both on and off the campus. It eases the work of any institution with effective time management, cost efficiency and there by reducing the dependency. Flair – ERMS has enormous capability in reporting to various levels of the institution. Effective cross border reporting enables the institution to enable the data across all stake holders of the institution.

Flair – ERMS follows very stringent security standards handling and protecting the sensitive data. The data in the system are ensured and pampered for its safety and thus giving a safe and infallible security. It also gives the replica rolex user with powerful Graphical User Interface and friendly features for effortless handling of the system. Flair – ERMS is a versatile system for organizing and handling multiple institutions across different geographic locations thus easing the complexity of operations for the management.